In August this year, Tricon celebrated a remarkable safety milestone in our Birmingham facility – four years of zero recordable incidents! This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety, which runs deep within the culture of our organization.
For four years, we have worked tirelessly each day to create a workplace where safety is not just a policy but a way of life. This accomplishment reflects the dedication, vigilance, and unity that defines our team.
We have faced challenges, overcome obstacles, and consistently prioritized the safety and well-being of each other. Every day, we have chosen to put safety first and that choice has yielded incredible results.
To congratulate our team for this incredible four-year milestone, we invited Cousins Maine Lobster to serve our team a well-deserved lunch.

We will continue to look after one another, prioritize safety, and ensure that our workplace remains a place of teamwork and well-being.
Here’s to four years of safety excellence and many more to come!