Tricon proudly hosted the 159th COSMET (Common Surface Mining Equipment Troubleshooting) meeting in Birmingham, AL, this past January. The gathering, which convened close to our Irondale facility, brought together industry experts and enthusiasts to exchange ideas for enhancement and foster collaboration within the sector. BJ Osborne, a Segment Manager at Tricon, spearheaded implementing the two-day event. He expressed, “Gathering industry experts to share experiences was invaluable for our team. We cherish our partnership with COSMET and look forward to future opportunities to serve and support you”.
With an impressive turnout of over 40 attendees, the event provided a platform for our team to showcase innovative solutions and engage with peers in the field. One of the highlights included a visit to our facility in Birmingham, where guests had the opportunity to witness firsthand the dedication and expertise of our workforce, as well as the full extent of our capabilities in supporting our clientele.  
Reflecting on the experience, members of the COSMET team expressed their appreciation for the hospitality extended by Tricon. One attendee remarked, “Every detail was taken care of and in style. Our group appreciates Tricon’s involvement and support of the meeting and the group. Everyone I talked to was extremely impressed with your facility, your personnel, and everyone’s hospitality.”
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire COSMET team for choosing Birmingham for their meeting, and particularly for taking the time to visit our facility. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host future gatherings and further strengthen our relationship with this esteemed group.