Dragline & shovel components

Dragline bucket liners

Tricon’s dragline bucket liners give you the option to extend life or reduce weight depending on your individual needs. These liners are made with Tri-Braze and Super-C plate, providing long life and superior wear resistance against abrasive aggregate materials.


Special Treated Tri-Braze is used on our lips and shrouds to enhance ductility while maintaining hardness and wear resistance far in excess of A-514 structural lips. Maximize productivity while protecting against unnecessary wear with Tricon lips and shrouds.


Tricon pins are of the ultimate quality and performance with unmatched hardness and application-specific properties to protect against severe heat and wear situations. We use the latest in CNC equipment to produce the highest quality pin on the market from Tri-Braze steel and Special Treated Tri-Braze. Manufacturing is always closely monitored to ensure close tolerances and consistency. You can also rely on Tricon to maximize your uptime within short notice as we always keep pin stock on hand.


Tricon shovel liner kits are made using Tri-Braze and Super-C plate for maximum wear protection that will extend the life of your shovels. All shovel liner kits can be fully customized to suit aggregate site-specific applications.


Designed with Special Treated Tri-Braze material, Tricon Dutchmen have enhanced ductility for more stringent aggregate structural applications. Although our standard Tri-Braze is more wear resistant, Special Treated Tri-Braze still has a significantly higher hardness than the ASTM A514 grades of steel. By utilizing Tricon Dutchmen, you can be assured that the ductility and wear resistance will meet your most demanding requirements.


Protect bucket bottoms from wear with Tricon heel bands. Tri-Braze steel is used for enhanced ductility with significant hardness and strength for a longer-lasting bucket.


Tricon Prime Arc welding consumables extend service life and reduce costly downtime. Our joining electrodes and wires are made for field welding and can join dissimilar metals while our full line of hardfacing wire consumables handle hard rock and other demanding applications. Finally, Tricon build-up consumables are used for repairing expensive, worn parts, extending their service life.


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