Tricon “roll forged” alloy hammers are the most reliable and cost-effective hammers available. Through balanced chemistry, roll forging, and heat treatment, our hammers lock in a porosity-free microstructure that guarantees 100% through hardness and toughness for predictable, longer wear life that cast hammers can’t achieve. Additionally, Tricon hammers are built to provide a minimum 60J/cm2 impact toughness and high reduction ratio to eliminate breakage, increase run time, and reduce overall operating expenses.
Tricon hammers are customizable, ranging in thicknesses from 1/4“ to 10“ material to any shape you need to improve your operation.


Tricon upper and lower cheek plates guarantee you the longest possible wear life for your crushers. Our cheek plates withstand abrasion, impact, and cyclic compression loading, variable material feed loads, and tramp material incursions. With longer wear life comes lower costs and increased safety as operation shutdowns repairs are less frequent.


Tricon conveying systems are built to last, withstanding high abrasion mining material and high-impact loading. Our conveyor pans and skirtboard liners use Tri-Braze steel for its remarkable combination of strength, through hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and weldability. In addition, we provide custom Prime-Arc 400 overlays for increased wear life in areas that receive the most abrasion.


The edge wear life of skirtboards is critical to keeping material on the belt and moving to the subsequent processing operation. Worn skirtboards allow for material wastage and presents a safety and clean up-hazard as material falls off the belt. Tri-Braze skirtboards overlaid with Prime-Arc 400 edges provide the longest skirtboard life available in the industry


Hoppers and chutes are subject to heavy impact from falling loads in addition to compression and abrasion in transition points and hopper exits. By analyzing the wear patterns and loads in each area, Tricon can customize a Tri-Braze and Super-C liner package to maximize the life of your hoppers.


The combination of impact and abrasion from truck or loader dumps into your primary crushing systems presents a unique and challenging environment that is perfect for a Tri-Braze solution. No other wear steel is built to handle this level of impact without cracking, while maintaining the hardness to stay in service for extended periods between maintenance cycles.


Tricon Prime Arc welding consumables are the highest quality joining, hard surfacing, and build-up products available in the industry with the ability to extend service life and reduce costly downtime. Our joining electrodes and wires are formulated for field welding under the most difficult to join high- strength, abrasion-resistant steel, manganese steel, and dissimilar metals. We also have a full line of hardfacing wire consumables — including chromium carbide, complex carbide, tungsten carbide, manganese, Martensitic and tool steel — that can handle hard rock, earthmoving, metal-to-metal, and other demanding applications. Finally, Prime Arc build-up consumables are used for repairing and resurfacing expensive, worn parts, often exceeding OEM specifications for service life.


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