Tricon feed decks and infeed conveyors are built with the strength, through hardness, wear resistance, and toughness needed to convey heavy, abrasive logs for debarking. Made with Tri-Braze plate from 3/4” to 2”, our chain decks and guides, gentle feed decks, and deicer decks are designed with your productivity in mind.


Tricon debarking drums and lifters are made with superior wear and abrasion- resistant steel that can withstand the abrasion and impact of the debarking process. Our proprietary chemistry produces the ideal through hardness and toughness needed to maintain uptime even as large, heavy logs bang against the drums and lifters.
As logs move from the feed system into the debarking drum, heavy-duty guide rings are needed to support this transition. Tricon guide rings are made with Tri-Braze steel plate to withstand the wear of this stage in the debarking process.


Our sprockets are custom made from Tri-Braze plate, providing the ideal through hardness needed to keep your log, chip and bark feeds moving. Without Tricon’s proprietary through hardened chemistry, sprockets wear down quickly , which can shut down the entire processing line. Avoid costly and time consuming sprocket replacements with Tri-Braze sprockets.


Tricon Prime Arc welding consumables are the highest quality joining, hard surfacing, and build-up products available in the industry with the ability to extend service life and reduce costly downtime. Our joining electrodes and wires are formulated for field welding under the most difficult to join high-strength, abrasion- resistant steel, manganese steel, and dissimilar metals. We also have a full line of hardfacing wire consumables — including chromium carbide, complex carbide, tungsten carbide, manganese, Martensitic and tool steel — that can handle hard rock, earthmoving, metal-to-metal, and other demanding applications. Finally, Prime Arc build-up consumables are used for repairing and resurfacing expensive, worn parts, often exceeding OEM specifications for service life.


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