Today, Tricon achieved a significant milestone by successfully delivering the first of numerous pallet/slag boxes. Our unwavering fanatical focus on the customer empowered the steel services segment team to collaborate with one of our clients, resulting in an enhanced product tailored to their operational requirements. This endeavor showcases the remarkable capabilities of the Tricon Wear Solutions team. Leveraging the power of a 3D scanner, engineering and sales expertise, and metallurgical know-how, we optimized the design and extended the product life cycle of this pallet box through the strategic use of Tri-Braze in specific assembly areas.

Furthermore, this undertaking underscored the robust and extensive nature of Tricon’s operations. Thanks to our strategic supply chain partnerships, we successfully trimmed freight costs and reduced lead times, ensuring swifter product deliveries. It also highlighted the efficiency of having all processes, including burning, forming, machining, and fabrication, centralized in one facility.

The enthusiasm at Tricon is palpable, and we are excited to be producing many more of these exceptional products! Feel free to reach out to us today for all your wear solutions needs.